Octyl Tin Stabilizer: Octyl Tin Stabilizers are widely used as non-toxic, tin based, thermal stabilizer for production of rigid PVC packaging materials.The manufactured products comply with the food regulatory acts as embedded by FDA and other agencies. Octyl Tin Stabilizers provides both heat and light stability, giving the product the ability to maintain the initial colour. It is predominantly used in PVC Calendering, Rigid Films, Soft Films, Pipes and Fittings.

Butyl Tin stabilizer: Butyl Tin Stabilizer is tin-based thermal stabilizer for specific use in PVC compounds. It is a transparent liquid, slightly yellowish product with a characteristic odour. It is predominantly used in CPVC Pipes and fittings, PVC films, garden pipes etc.

Impact modifier– These are products based on MBS, ABS, acrylic rubber etc. that are mixed with PVC to improve the impact strength of the finished product. These are also known as toughening agents.

Acrylic processing aid– This is a specialty additive which improves the processing ability and the surface quality of the product.It is an acrylic copolymer that improves the processability and the performances of rigid PVC formulations. Processing aids promote PVC fusion, modify the melt rheology, and/or provide lubrication.

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