BAERLOCHER – The Baerlocher group of companies is one of the world’s leading additive manufacturers, drawing on experience from more than 190 years of company history. They have expertise in the production and use of PVC stabilizers, lubricants etc. is closely linked to the success story of plastic materials.

List of Baerlocher Products:

Lead Based stabilizers and Co-precipitates:-

  • TBLS – Tribasic Lead Sulphate
  • DBLS – Dibasic Lead Stearate
  • DBLS – Dibasic Lead Stearate
  • DBLP – Dibasic Lead Phosphate
  • LS – Lead Stearate
  • CS – Calcium Stearate

Lead Based One Packs:-

  • Lubricated One Packs
  • Non-lubricated One Packs

Liquid Stabilizers:-

  • Barium-Lead (Ba-Pb) Stabilizer
  • Barium-Cadmium (Ba-Cd) Stabilizer
  • Barium-Zinc (Ba-Zn) Stabilizer
  • Methyl Tin stabilizer
  • Liquid Lead
  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizers:-  Special grades for Cables, Pipes and Profiles.
  • High Performance Lubricants for PVC
  • Speciality One Packs:- Special grades for window profiles, shoe compound etc.

For further info on these grades please write to us.