Amisol – Amisol is an efficient combination internal lubricant for unplasticized or partially plasticized PVC applications. It is well suited for transparent application and improves gloss.

It is particularly useful in clear PVC articles due to its excellent clarity and low water blush. It can be used in blow molding,injection molding, extrusion and is especially effective in calendaring applications and in products that will be printed, bonded or laminated.

Libwax OP – LIBWAX  OP is a waxy external lubricant Useful for rigid PVC as well as flexible PVC compounding and processing. It is used in combination with internal lubricants like amisol. LIBWAX – OP is also suitable for clear as well as opaque compounds.

Libnol G212 – Libnol G212 is an internal lubricant and is also very effective with high filler formulations in various application in the plastic industry. Its an oleochemical derivative which comes in a creamish white powder form.

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