Stearic acid, also called Octadecanoic Acid, one of the most common long-chain fatty acids, found in combined form in natural animal and vegetable fats. Commercial “stearic acid” is a mixture of approximately equal amounts of stearic and palmitic acids and small amounts of oleic acid. It is employed in the manufacture of candles, cosmetics, shaving soaps, lubricants, and pharmaceuticals.

TGV SRAAC LIMITED (formerly Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Ltd.) is the flagship company of the TGV Group. It is the leading producer of Chlor-Alkali products and also manufactures Castor Derivatives and Fatty Acids.

We offer 2 grades of Stearic acid of TGV group company TGV SRAAC which are as follows:

  • TGV – Cosmetic:  Used in Cosmetics and Chemical Speciality
  • TGV – Tex: Used in Textile auxiliaries, Plastics, cosmetics and stearates.

For further info on these grades please write to us.